Let’s Be Honest.

I’m a complete mess but I am realizing the freedom that comes from accepting your imperfections and embracing your brokenness. When we think we have to be perfect condemnation is the result. Trying to be perfect means covering up our brokenness and not admitting to having it. That’s not being our authentic self. Simply admitting my flaws with an optimistic mindset for self improvement is a burden off my chest. I’m not hiding it or denying it, I’m being honest.

For those who feel condemned from the stains of their past mistakes. Those messy stains that will never be erased. You think about them from time to time and regret them all over again or maybe it’s everyday. You can’t change those stains but you can change you. You can change what you choose to be today and tomorrow. Reinvent who you are by throwing out the negativity and cleaning up your life, replace the bad with the good.

Ephesians 4:31-32 Get rid of all bitterness, rage and anger, brawling and slander, along with every form of malice. Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you.

2 peter 1:5-8 Supplement your faith with a generous provision of moral excellence, and moral excellence with knowledge, and knowledge with self-control, and self-control with patient endurance, and patient endurance with godliness, and godliness with brotherly affection, and brotherly affection with love for everyone. The more you grow like this, the more productive and useful you will be in your knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. 

I been broken but I am healing. I been lost but i’m finding my way. I messed up but I refuse to continue to be the same. Yes, I have stains to and no I won’t judge yours. We all have weaknesses but it’s the power of choices that is freely yours to make. You’re more than your stains even when people continue to condemn you from things you have done, I had to remove those who were holding me back instead of encouraging me to grow. Sometimes we have to replant ourselves and start over and that is okay. We learn from our mistakes and sometimes the hard way. I had to learn a very hard way, I look back and wished I learned my lessons the first time instead of going years refusing to accept what God wanted to do. Eventually I had to face reality and because of my harden heart I also had to face the consequences and those stains are a reminder to me that I must stay focused on the right things and not repeat the same mistakes. I have to be honest with myself because change isn’t about aiming to be perfect but change is about fixing your mistakes and making better choices. Through consistency your hard work becomes visible and your identity is no longer what is once appeared to be. You start from the inside of your heart and then your outer appearance matches. It’s kind of like that saying you are what you eat. Well what do you feed your mind with? What do you allow to influence your heart? What is the root of your desires? Do you resist or willingly give in to temptation consistently? All of these consist of making the right choices for ourselves.

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