What Solitude Taught Me

It was when I separated myself from my multitude of “friends” that I began to hear God in my life. It was when I distanced myself that I became more in tune and focused on how to love myself. In the quietness I learned the value of talking less and observing more. I could hear my own thoughts and find my way I was so lost of seeing, all because I blocked out all the noise and replanted myself in a new place of solitude. In your journey in life it is YOURS, that’s personal and intimate. Not everybody agrees when you feel yourself being called to another direction. Have you ever felt that? as if you outgrown a place and your inner self is telling you to move. I felt that and denied it as well as suffer the consequences of not listening to my intuition all because I was listening to the noise around me, allowing other’s opinions hold me back from walking in the direction I needed to go within my own personal walk with God. When I cut off the negativity in my life I was able to grow as a women and process what that meant for me and what I personally needed to do to change because I wasn’t happy. I had to reconnect myself because I was starting to adapt to the mindsets of negative friends I had aligned myself with which resulting in me forgetting my own roots, what surrounds you influences you.

Having good fellowship is important but fellowship that hurts you rather then helps you or even holds you back is when it gets toxic. If your not happy with yourself maybe take a step back and take a breather or a break from things. Look around you and cut off the things you find is throwing you off balance and disrupting your mental health.

Always remember that your health is important: Mentally, physically, spiritually. Take care of your well-being. Sometimes we just need some solitude to take care of ourselves, you know a little TLC? and that okay to take a breather. Its also okay to cut off negativity that’s harming you. Keep yourself sane. Do what you know you need to do and never feel ashamed for taking care of your mental health.


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